Spatika Shivling - 1.2 Inches | Crystal Sivalingam for Pooja/ Sphatik Shiva/ 30 Gms Approx

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Sku : 725043

Material : Spatikam

Height : 1.25 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 1.75 Inch

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• A Shivalinga constructed of spatika, or clear quartz crystal, is referred to as a ""Spatika Shivaling"". One of the main deities in Hinduism, Lord Shiva, is symbolised by the Shivalinga. It is regarded as a strong and sacred form of worship. 
 • The purity, transparency, and aesthetic appeal of Spatika Shivaling are highly acclaimed. It is thought that the clear quartz crystal has special energetic and spiritual qualities. Clarity, healing, and the amplifying of spiritual energy are connected to it. 
 • The Spatika Shivaling is frequently worshipped by followers of Lord Shiva as a symbol of spiritual consciousness and energy. The linga is often set up on a holy pedestal or altar, and various offerings are made to it, including flowers, water, milk, and bilva leaves. 
 • In front of the Spatika Shivaling, worshippers are also permitted to conduct rituals and shout mantras and prayers. 
 • The Spatika Shivaling is viewed as a representation of innocence, awareness, and enlightenment. It is thought to emit good vibes and support meditation, spiritual practises, and inner growth. The idea of transcending matter and seeing the divine truth beyond appearances is connected to the translucent quality of crystals. 
 • Many people also think that having or meditating on a Spatika Shivaling will have spiritual advantages, mental clarity, and physical purification. A way to connect with Lord Shiva and receive his blessings is through the crystal, which is thought to be a conduit for spiritual energy. 
 • Hinduism places a great deal of spiritual and symbolic significance on the Spatika Shivaling. 
 • Spatika Shivaling is revered as a sacred image of Lord Shiva and is thought to support believers on their spiritual path to achieving divine consciousness and self-realisation. 
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