Thuppariyum Shambhu - tamil | By devan | Comedy novel

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Language : Tamil

Publisher : Alliance and Co

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About the Book:
 "Thuppariyum Sambu" is a popular Tamil novel written by the renowned Tamil author Devan. The book was first published in 1943 and has since become a classic in Tamil literature.
 The tamil novel book follows the adventures of Sambu, a bumbling but well-meaning private detective. Sambu's character is sometimes considered to be a parody of Sherlock Holmes. Sambu, along with his stalwart companion in the police force - Inspector Gopalan, takes on various intriguing cases and attempts to solve them in his unique and humorous style. Sambu eventually marries Vembu, who is clearly smarter than her husband and spares no criticism of her husband's vacuousness. The two eventually have a son called Sundhu who also helps in his father's work in solving crimes. 
 Devan's ""Thuppariyum Sambu"" is known for its entertaining narrative, engaging characters, and light-hearted humor. The character of Sambu has become iconic in Tamil literature, often portrayed as an endearing and comical figure who manages to crack cases through sheer luck and accidental brilliance. The Completed tamil novel book offers social commentary on the society and culture of its time. It is celebrated for its satirical take on various aspects of society, including politics, bureaucracy, and human behavior.
 About the Author:
 Devan or R. Mahadevan is a famous comedy writer. He wrote several humorous stories and articles under the pseudonym Devan. He was a competent and accomplished writer, who used several interesting and varied techniques in fiction writing. Some of his most well-known works are Thuppariyum Shambu, Sriman Sudharsanam and Mister Vedhantham."=