Angavastra - 32 x 64 Inches | Thalapathi Design Towel for Men/ Melmundu/ Blue Colour Uthriyam

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Material : Cotton

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Think of South Indian traditional attire, and the pure embroidered sheets of cloth come to mind. The veshti / dhoti accompanied by angavastram is a traditional garment worn by men in South India for decades during everyday wear as well as special occasions, according to which the material changes. It is a symbol of cultural heritage and is highly regarded for its elegance, comfort, and grandeur.
Product Features:
• Blue Angavasthiram is worn by men over their shoulders during various functions and rituals. Weaved with the finest quality cotton yarn, the green and red rendering in the borders gives it a traditional look. The cotton fabric is non-irritant and ensures comfort all day long. 
• The veshti and angavastram thundu are typically made from silk fabric, with a lustrous appearance, smooth texture and attractive zari. 
• The veshti is a rectangular piece of fabric that can be easily worn by wrapping around the waist and legs, with pleats created at the front. It is traditionally worn without stitching, allowing for flexibility and customization in the draping style. The length of the veshti is adjustable according to preference. Drape the angavastram on your shoulders to complete the stunning traditional look.
• The attire features ornate borders or zari work that add a touch of masculine sophistication.
• Wearing a veshti and angavastram is considered a symbol of prestige and cultural identity. It exudes a sense of tradition and adds a regal charm to the wearer's overall attire.
• Nothing is more suitable than dhoti and angavastram set for long hours of wear during important ceremonies and festivities.
• Go the extra mile during ceremonies by decorating God statues with the goodness of our Veshti and Angavastram.
• Wondering what to gift to men during festivals and celebrations? Look no further than this versatile option!