Dance Gestures Mirror of Expressions with English Translation of Abhinayadarpanam/ by GiriAus

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Sku : 91001401

Language : Sanskrit - English

Author : Dr. Kethu Ramachandrasekhar

Publisher : Giri

Page : 192

Height : 8.5 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 5.5 Inch

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• ""Dance Gestures: Mirror of Expressions"" is a book that offers a comprehensive exploration and with English Translation of Abhinayadarpanam, a renowned treatise on dance and theater.
• Authored by Dr. P. Ramachandrasekhar, this book provides a valuable resource for dancers, enthusiasts, and scholars interested in the art of expressive gestures.
• The classical book begins with an introduction to the Abhinayadarpanam, discussing its historical context, significance, and its relevance to various classical dance forms. It provides an overview of the concepts and principles outlined in the original text.
• This Dance book explores the intricate world of dance gestures, known as Mudras, and their connection to expressions and emotions. It covers a wide range of Mudras, their meanings, and their application in dance performances. 
• This book offers detailed descriptions and explanations of each gesture and expression, accompanied by illustrations or photographs to enhance visual understanding.
• The book goes beyond theoretical knowledge and provides practical insights on incorporating gestures and expressions into dance performances.
• It offers guidance on the proper execution of Mudras, their synchronisation with music and rhythm, and their integration with storytelling.
• ""Dance Gestures: Mirror of Expressions"" serves as a valuable resource for dancers, teachers, choreographers, and anyone passionate about the art of dance and expression.
• It allows readers to delve deep into the timeless wisdom of the Abhinayadarpanam and discover new dimensions of artistic expression.
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