Giri Vedic Agnihotra Kit– 690 Grams | Pooja Pack for Homam and Yagna/ 690 gms

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Height : 2.5 Inch

Depth : 6.5 Inch

Width : 6.5 Inch

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Agnihotra is a daily ritual to be performed by every person seeking good health, purity of thoughts and bodies, and prosperity. It is performed every day, exactly at the time of sunrise and sunset, using a small copper pyramid havankund of a specific size. Agnihotra is done using dried cow dung cakes, ghee, and an offering of a little rice while chanting special mantras.


* Agnihotra set consists of: a pyramid-shaped copper Havan kund, a stand, copper spoon, Akshata, copper fork, Copper Small Cup, Camphor, Procedure Manual for performing Agnihotra, pure Ghee, and dry cow dung cake.
* A copper havan kund is the most important part of the havan or homam ritual. a sacred vessel that holds the holy fire. Copper Spoon is used for offering ghee in homa. Akshata refers to the unbroken and uncooked rice grains offered to the deity during pujas.
* Ghee is kept in a copper cup.Rituals Cow dung cakes have been used in traditional Indian households for hawan, ceremonies, and rituals. The fragrance produced by burning Cow dung cleans the aura and brings prosperity.
* Pure Cow's Ghee is an auspicious item and contains maximum divine power. Camphor removes evil and bestows positivity. Camphor is lit and used in hawan ceremonies, aarti, and other forms of worship.
The Set contains:
\ * 1 - Pyramid Shaped Copper Havan Kund
\ * 1 - Stand
\ * 1 - Copper Spoon (For pouring Ghee)
\ * 1 - Akshata
\ * 1 - Copper Fork (For removing Ash and Handling Embers)
\ * 1 - Copper Small Cup
\ * 1 - Camphor
\ * 1 - Procedure Manual for performing Agnihotra
\ * 1 Bottle Pure Ghee (100 Grams)
\ * Dry Cow Dung Cake