Copper Havan Spoon - 14 Inches | Homa Chamach/ Havan Ghee Spoon for Pooja/ 65 Gms Approx

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Performing Pooja homam/havan is considered a very important part of Hindu rituals, which is conducted for purification and ceremonies dedicated to ancestors. Havan spoon is a holy utensil which is used to offer ghee/clarified butter or sacred water to the Yagya or Havan.
• The process of worshipping God through fire in the Kunda is called Yajna.
• Hava, Havya or Havishya are the substances that are sacrificed in the fire (which are put in the fire).
• After igniting the fire in the Havan Kund, the offerings of fruits, honey, ghee, wood, etc. are the main part of this holy ritual.
• With this brass Havan Spoon, it is easy to feed sacred elements to the fire while maintaining the integrity of the process.
• Havan is also done for the sake of good luck, health and prosperity etc.
• Agni (holy fire) is believed increase the properties of any substance by leaps and bounds.