Brass Kamatchi Sitting Statue - 3.5 Inches | Antique Finish Kamakshi Idol for Home/ 290 Grams

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Hindus generally worship the Goddess Kamatchi, also known as Kamakshi, in the southern region of India, notably in the state of Tamil Nadu. She is thought to be a manifestation of Lord Shiva's consort, the beautiful Goddess Parvati.The terms ""Kama"" (desire) and ""Akshi"" (eyes), both of which originate from the Sanskrit language, are combined to form the name Kamatchi. Goddess Kamatchi is regarded as having the ability to grant her followers' wishes and is reported to have kind and forgiving eyes.Goddess Kamakshi is the symbol of goodness and helps everyone who prays to her with a pure and clean heart. She is venerated for being the goddess of fertility and blessing childless couples with progeny. She is also popular for bestowing her devotees with fame and virtue.
Hinduism regards owning brass figurines of Gods as having a number of spiritual advantages:
•It's said that holding brass sculptures of gods might help one focus their thoughts and call upon God's heavenly forces.
•According to ancesters, clutching a brass statue can aid in bringing the deity's energy into one's body and mind, fostering spiritual well-being.
•Brass is said to have healing qualities and is beneficial for treating a range of medical conditions.
•It is believed that holding brass figurines of deities can help balance the chakras and facilitate emotional, mental, and physical healing.