Kopparai – 150 Grams | for Puja, Homa, Hawan/ Dry Coconut/ Gota Nariyal/ 150 gms

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Height : 4 Inch

Depth : 3 Inch

Width : 3 Inch

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* Kopparai is a dried coconut kernel. It is an indispensable part of the Hindu puja rituals and finds a sacred spot on the altar too. Apart from its religious significance, Kopparai is an ideal source of healthy fat that contains no cholesterol and a high amount of selenium, fiber, copper, and manganese.
* Dried coconut is commonly used in Hindu poojas for various purposes. It is considered a sacred fruit and is used as an offering to deities, particularly in South Indian Hindu traditions. Dried coconut is often used as a substitute for fresh coconut, especially when fresh coconuts are not available or are too difficult to break open.
* In poojas, dried coconut is usually broken open and the white flesh inside is used as an offering, along with other items such as flowers, fruits, and incense. The coconut is also used in the preparation of certain sweets and other dishes that are offered to the deities as part of the pooja.
* GIRI offers a convenient pack of Thengai Kopparai to make it easier to use for Puja/Homam/Havans/Rituals. Find more puja havan items here online.