More Folk Tales

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Sku : 911550916

Language : English

Author : Rajesh Kavassery

Publisher : Sura Books

Page : 124

Height : 9 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 6 Inch

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This Book Contains The king and the two beggars, The argument of goddesses, The handsome prince, The girl and the snake, The dream that made a peddler rich, The obedient son, Abu nuwasi and the thieves, The story of the three thieves, AThe story of the three genjias, Little black samba, Little black mango, The mango trees, the wesrls mother, Aniz the shepherd, The summer and winter garden, The Stone and the salt, The mouse deer and the farmer, The Magic moneybag, The frog who became an emperor, The golden reed pipe, The coconut daughter, Why the bat flies/ a night?, The kind goats reward, Meng chiang-nu seeks her husband at the great wall, The peacemakers, The worthless man, The lazy donkeys, The cranes reward, How abu nuwasi sold his house?, The skull, A poor mans pumpkins, The bear inside the elephant, Why the rabbit has short tail?, The snake king, The Pancakre, The Sportsman and the snipe, The bear and the fox, Guniram and his Wife.