Tirupati Venkateswara Wall Hanging - 21 Inches | Copper Oxidized Balaji Head for Home/ 1.360 Gms Approx

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Sku : 502170

Height : 21 Inch

Depth : 19 Inch

Width : 3 Inch

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• A sculpture of Lord Vishnu's head, also referred to in Hinduism as a Perumal, is referred to as a Perumal head statue. One of the main gods in Hinduism, Lord Vishnu, is revered as the guardian and preserver of the cosmos.
• The classic Perumal head statue shows Lord Vishnu's face features, highlighting his celestial qualities and traits. A serene and peaceful look is frequently used to represent Lord Vishnu and symbolise his holy nature. He is frequently seen with a magnificent crown that is embellished with different adornments and emblems of his celestial abilities.
• When Lord Vishnu is worshipped, the Perumal head statue is frequently used in temples and homes as a treasured object of devotion. Flowers, incense, and other offerings are made to the statue as part of rituals, prayers, and other expressions of devotion and thanks to Lord Vishnu.
• While the Perumal head statue depicts Lord Vishnu in his holy form, it is important to note that full sculptures or idols of Lord Vishnu, comprising his entire body (like Lord Balaji idols) are also prevalent.
• These entire-body statues show Lord Vishnu in a variety of positions or avatars, including Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, and Lord Narasimha, each with their own special characteristics and meaning.
• Like any religious artefact, the Perumal head statue has significance for followers of Lord Vishnu who adore him and seek his blessings. It acts as a centre for prayer, meditation, and spiritual reflection, enabling worshippers to connect with the divine and look for Lord Vishnu's divine attributes, such as protection, grace, and direction.
• This long-lasting metal Balaji murti is loved by many devotees to decorate their living space, office and other significant spaces.
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