GiriAus Nonbu Charadu - 100 Pieces | Yellow Janeu/ Thread Janeu/ Nonbu Kayiru/ Nombu Saradu for Pooja

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Sku : 420033

Height : 2 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 2 Inch

• Nonbu Saradu/Charadu is a thin yellow thread traditionally tied by Hindu women during different kinds of Nonbu - Varalakshmi, Karadaiyan, etc. For instance, Savitri Nonbu Viratham is a Hindu festival celebrated by married women for the long life of their spouse.
• Nonbu charadu can be given as an offering to female gods during pooja (worship). Sometimes it is also offered as one of the 16 upacharas to the female deities who are invoked during pooja.
•  Women who are married change their mangala sutram (thaali) during Karadiyar Nonbu or Panguni uttram.
• Nonbu thread is a single thread that has small flowers tied to it.
• It is worn around the neck of married women, and they wear the yellow or red-colored string.
• In a wedding chain and ceremony, the yellow thread is the much important.
• It is present in the wedding chain and it means marriage.
• Yellow is also Jupiter's color, which means prosperity.