Rudraksha Mala with Thread Knot - 108 Beads | Japa Mala for Men & Women/ 8 Millimeter Rudra Mala

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Sku : 72501138

Material : Rudraksha

Height : 19 Inch

Depth : 1.5 Inch

Width : 1.5 Inch

"• Discover the spiritual power of the sacred Rudraksha beads with this exquisite Rudraksha mala. Each bead is crafted from genuine Rudraksha seeds, known for their healing and protective properties.
• This rudraksha bead garland, or mala, is an excellent tool for japas, or chanting prayers.
• This mala is strung either in yellow or red thread and has knots between two Rudrakshas.
• This simplifies keeping track of Japa counts and is also beneficial for accupressure. It contains 108 Rudraksha beads.
• It is an excellent adornment for the idol of Lord Shiva. Gifting rudraksha malas to Shiva temples increases spiritual growth.
• People also wear rudraksha malas around their necks to attain spiritual, physical, and mental strength.
• The wearer of this mala is blessed with an increase in wealth, honour, glory, and all kinds of pleasures.
• The wearer of the Rudraksha beads mala gains wisdom and extensive knowledge.
• This powerful Rudraksha thus eliminates the darkness of ignorance.
• Rudraksha mala helps those with a timid, suppressed nature or who are shy attain a growing sense of uniqueness, self-confidence, and creativity.
• The wearer of the mala is blessed with focus, grounding, and perfection.
• So why wait? Get yours today and start your journey towards inner peace and enlightenment.