Sangeetha Saram - Tamil | Giri Publications/ by R.V. Krishnan/ Musical Book

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Sku : 91001625

Language : Tamil

Author : R.V. Krishn

Publisher : Giri

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• Introducing the fascinating Tamil novel "Sangeetha Saram," a musical masterpiece written by R.V. Krishnan. Discover the essence and complexities of this exquisite art form as you immerse yourself in the enthralling world of music in this book.
  • "Sangeetha Saram" is an information treasure that presents a thorough investigation of music theory, methods, and aesthetics. R.V. Krishnan explains the essential concepts of melody, rhythm, and harmony with great attention to detail, providing insightful information for both beginning and advanced artists.
  • This book acts as a guide, explaining the complexities of many talas (rhythmic patterns), ragas (melodic modes), and the subtleties of musical expression's expressive representation.
  • Readers will gain a thorough knowledge of the intricate details of composition and improvisation as well as the rich tapestry of Indian classical music.
  • "Sangeetha Saram" clarifies complicated musical ideas for music lovers of all skill levels by using elegant writing and considerate explanations. R.V. Krishnan's love of music is evident as he imparts knowledge and leads readers on a mellow musical discovery voyage.
  • "Sangeetha Saram" is a priceless tool that will deepen your awareness and enjoyment of music's profound beauty, whether you are a student of music, a performer, or simply a fan of this exquisite art form.
  • It is a book that will travel with you on your musical voyage and provide you the tools you need to unleash your creativity and add soulful melodies to your creations.
  • Immerse yourself in the pages of "Sangeetha Saram" and allow R.V. Krishnan's expertise to resonate within you, igniting a deep connection to the timeless art of music. Let the melodies and rhythms within these pages uplift your spirit and inspire you to delve deeper into the vast ocean of musical expression.
  • Unleash your musical prowess with "Sangeetha Saram" and discover the true essence of this divine art form, where every note becomes a prayer, and every rhythm resonates with the heartbeat of the universe.