Sphatik Mala with Thread Knot | 108 Beads/ Rosary for Prayer/ Crystal Mala for Men & Women

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Sku : 7250110

Material : Spatikam

Height : 10.5 Inch

Depth : 0.2 Inch

Width : 0.2 Inch

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"• A spatika mala is a type of spiritual rosary that is made from clear quartz crystal beads. It is believed to have healing properties and is often used for spiritual and meditative practises.
• Spatika serves as a positive energy radiator, so wearing the Spatika Mala while meditating or reciting mantras with the mala substantially increases the power of the mantra.
• When wearing a Spatika mala, one discovers a deeper sense of spirituality about life in general.
• Sphatika Mala aids in mental concentration. Sphatika malas typically have 108 beads.
• According to astrology, Sphatika is related to Venus. A mala made of spatika helps with concentration, cooling the body, and calming the mind. • Sphatika Mala cools the body's temperature.
• The Spatika Mala is a powerful tool for meditation and spiritual growth. It is made of high-quality clear quartz crystal beads that are believed to possess healing properties.
• The clear quartz beads are strung together on a durable string to form a beautiful and powerful mala.
• The Spatika Mala is used by people who practice meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices. It is believed to help in the purification of the mind, body, and soul.
• When used during meditation, the Spatika Mala is said to help the practitioner focus and concentrate on their spiritual goals.
• The clear quartz crystal beads are also believed to have a protective and cleansing effect on the energy field around the body. It is believed that wearing or carrying a Spatika Mala can help to keep negative energy at bay and promote positive energy.
• This Spatika Mala is crafted with care and precision to ensure the highest quality product. The clear quartz beads are smooth and comfortable to hold, making it easy to use during meditation and other spiritual practices.