Sphatik Mala | Spatika Mala | Crystal Mala for Men & Women

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Sku : 7250111

Material : Sphatik


 • The Sphatik Mala is a sacred and revered tool for spiritual practice and meditation. This mala is meticulously crafted from genuine round shaped spatika crystal beads, known for their purity, translucency, and energetic properties.
 • Each bead of this original sphatik mala is carefully strung together, allowing you to count and focus during mantra recitation or breath awareness.
 • The smooth texture of the spatika beads offers a soothing sensation as you hold and move the mala between your fingers.
 • Since Spadikam chain is a positive energy radiator, wearing a Spatika Mala while meditating or repeating mantras with the mala greatly boosts the strength of the mantra.
 • The Spatika chain consists of 108 beads, which is considered an auspicious and sacred number in many cultures.
 • Spatikam, also known as quartz crystal, is highly regarded in spiritual traditions for its ability to amplify intentions, purify energy, and promote clarity and focus.
 • It is believed to enhance spiritual awareness, balance the chakras, and create a harmonious connection between the mind, body, and spirit.
 • When wearing a Sphatika mala, one discovers a deeper sense of spirituality about life in general. According to astrology, Sphatika is related to Venus.
 • A mala made of spatika helps with concentration, cooling the body, and calming the mind. Sphatika Mala cools the body's temperature.
 • Allow its radiant beauty and positive vibrations to support your spiritual journey, providing a tool for self-analysis, mindfulness, and connection with the higher realms.
 • Let its crystal energy guide you towards clarity, harmony, and spiritual awakening. Experience the transformative power of the Spatika Mala and elevate your spiritual practice to new heights.