Stainless Steel Temple Drum Bell - 15 Inches | Automatic Electric Arti Machine for Pooja

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Sku : 52502423

Material : Brass

Height : 15 Inch

Depth : 33 Inch

Width : 18 Inch

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• In South Indian classical music, a traditional percussion instrument ensemble known as the ""Mela thalaam set"" is utilised. It is a group of several percussion instruments and drums that come together to create rhythmic support for musical performances. 
•  ""Set"" denotes a collection or group of instruments, while the term ""mela thalaam"" translates to ""ensemble of rhythms"" in Tamil. The mela thalaam set normally comprises a number of drums, each of which has a distinct sound and function in establishing the musical rhythmic structure. 
•  The South Indian classical music's lyrical elements are enhanced by the rhythmic basis provided by the mela thalaam (electric bell) set. The complicated and dynamic rhythms of the performance are influenced by the distinct roles played by each instrument in the ensemble. 
•  The percussionist, also known as the ""thala vaadyam"" musician, expertly performs the many instruments of the mela thalaam set during a concert, demonstrating their variety and rhythmic ability. The ensemble enhances the musical experience by adding depth, richness, and vitality. 
•  Now our traditional mela thalam set is exclusively available in electrical automation at GiriAus . 
•  The rhythmic structures and compositions of the mela thalaam set, which has a major role in South Indian classical music, have been passed down through the generations.  
•  It is a crucial component of traditional performances, supplying the rhythmic framework for improvisation and creative expression while accompanying vocalists and instrumentalists. 
•  Do not hesitate to buy this exclusive pooja bell for your musical ventures. Visit GiriAus 's stores and website to drench yourself in divine thoughts.