Pooja Set – Medium -Stainless Steel -6 Inch -950 Grams | Silver Plated/for Home and Temple Decor

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Sku : 5178235

Material : White Metal

Height : 15 Inch

Width : 15 Inch

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 steel pooja thali set with plate typically includes a collection of items used in Hindu worship, such as a plate, a diya (lamp), an incense holder, a small bowl for offerings, Panchapatram, Kalash, Chandan, and a kumkum cup. These sets are often made from stainless steel.
  Benefits and features:
 •  A pooja  plate set is an important part of Hindu worship and is used to show reverence and devotion to the deities. It helps to create a peaceful and meditative environment during the pooja, which is believed to bring blessings and positive energy.
 •  The pooja thali set is used for offering prayers to the deities. 
 •  The plate is also used for ritual purification. Before starting the pooja, the plate is washed with water to purify it.
  Uses of items in the Pooja set:
 •  Puja plate is a tray or large container on which the entire puja materials are accumulated and decorated.
 •  This pancha patra is used along with the uddharani (spoon). In this pancha patra, theertham or abhishekam milk can be stored and offered to the devotees as prasadham. 
 •  The kalash chombu is used to hold water for ritual purposes and sanctity. 
 •  Agarbatti stands for puja are famous for worshipping gods and are best for holding the incense sticks firmly. 
 •  The deepam is used for lighting the lamp and is used in every ritual and ceremony to create a spiritual environment.
 •  This Kumkum and Chandan pot is used to store Kumkum, Vibuthi, and Chandanam.
 •  A small bowl is used for offering naivedya during pooja for god. The camphor aarti is used to light camphor during puja.