Vinayagar Sarukkumaram Set | GiriAus Golu Doll/ Clay/ Ganesh Murti/ Navratri Bommai/ Showpiece

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This charming clay Golu bommai set depicts Vinayakar playing on a slide. A delightful doll set that adds a playful touch to your Golu display during the festive season. Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and the god of wisdom and prosperity, is widely revered in Hindu mythology. This particular Golu bommai set represents Lord Ganesha in a playful and joyful mood, symbolizing the celebration of life, positivity, and the ability to overcome challenges with a cheerful spirit.
 Product Features:
•  The centerpiece of this set is Lord Ganesha, portrayed in a cheerful and playful pose. He is shown sitting on a slide, with his iconic elephant head and a human body. The details of his face, hands, and attire are intricately sculpted, capturing the joy and mirth associated with Lord Ganesha.
•  The set includes a small clay slide, carefully designed to create a realistic and playful setting for Lord Ganesha. The slide adds an interactive element to the display and showcases the whimsical nature of the deity.
•  This golu dolls in the Vinayagar playing on slide Golu bommai set are adorned with vibrant and eye-catching colours. The use of bright hues adds a festive touch and enlivens the display.
•  The golu doll set may vary in terms of size and quantity, depending on the specific product. It can include a single Lord Ganesha doll or multiple dolls depicting various stages of his playful activity.
•  The Vinayagar playing on slide clay Golu bommai set serves as an attractive decorative piece during the festive season. It not only adds a touch of cultural and religious significance but also becomes a collectible item for those interested in traditional art and craftsmanship.
•  The Vinayagar playing on slide clay Golu bommai set is a delightful representation of Lord Ganesha's playful nature and brings a joyful atmosphere to your Golu display. With its intricate craftsmanship, vibrant colours, and symbolic significance, this set becomes a cherished part of your festive celebrations, capturing the essence of devotion, positivity, and merriment.